Although data in transit from the client app to the servers are encrypted via SSL and we on our part do not log user data, the truth is that, the real threat to any personal data is MOTIVE, RESOURCES, WILL & HISTORICAL EVIDENCE of doing so, and we have none of that. Yes! there are roaming “hackers” out there but they are not the main stumbling blocks. In all honesty it is those who give you an ILLUSION of security via fancy (psychologically crafted and tested) pop-ups that remind you constantly that they are “securing” you when in actuality they are the ones duplicating your data that you should be weary of. More so, our servers are distributed, so there is no ILLUSION of physical security either. Far too many centers have fancy hi-tech physical access control mechanisms that often prevent the owners of the physical servers from physically accessing their own servers in the centers directly while ironically providing a wide free-flow open door to any badge flashing minion of the state. We do not give you ILLUSIONS  of “security” but rather we do all that can be done for security. Finally, that said, we do not have a desire to “serve or scale” public chat resources for the whole world so what we offer is limited and provided on a first come first serve basis. To help the distributed ‘scale’ challenge we also provide a few live training courses of which one of them shows you how to implement, manage and maintain your own private chat server so anyone with a will for learning tech skills should consider taking on that responsibility for the greater good benefit of your family, friends and love ones and as such provide some peace of mind.  For more advanced video conferencing (and various other tools) consider using our paid options In the meantime HAPPY CHATTING.