On the right hand side you see a sub-menu. Hover/click on the “Appointments” menu item.  Select “Video/Chat” from the pop-up menu that appears.



From the resulting page provide a name  in the white space for your meeting (or leave it blank for the system to randomly assign a name for you). Next click the BLUE BUTTON that is labelled “Start Meeting”.



From left to right: You have 1) Chat, 2) Screen share and 3) Raise Hand all at the bottom left side of the user interface. Simply hover your mouse over them then click to select an item as needed. As expected clicking the chat icon will open a side chat panel where you can chat with fellow ‘meet-ers’. While Screen Share does exactly that it provides you the ability to share YOUR desktop screen. While the RAISE HAND function gives finer control to meetings where participants can take turns to speak by being un-muted in a orderly manner by the moderator of the meeting. Next in the middle of the screen you have your “Microphone” settings (Clicking the little drop down bottom circle) where you can fine tune your microphone. Clicking the large white circle with the microphone icon enables you to mute and unmute yourself.

Clicking the RED circle with the phone icon is your LOGOUT button thus it  “Logs” you out of the meeting.

Then the third white button with the camera icon is your Webcam settings button (smaller side button with drop down arrow) while clicking the larger white circle with camera icon enables you to enable and disable your web-camera.

On the bottom right  you have the human icon which serves a similar purpose as the big blue button at the top center that says “Invite More People”. Use this to open a pop-up screen where you can share a link to the meeting or invite people from your internal PC email contact list.

Next to that you have a yellow shield icon that when clicked opens up a pop-up window where you can 1) Enable the Lobby features so that you can protect your meeting by permitting only people approved by a moderator.  2) You can also add a password to your room for tighter security  and 3) enable End-to-End encryption (though the server also has encryption so we recommend not using this) which if switched on will render certain other settings non effective such as recordings, streams and phone participation.

The bottom right three dot hamburger menu opens the settings panel where you can set a number of features from managing the quality of your call through adjusting the screen size as well as blurring your background (which we do not recommend on low powered systems as it requires extra system resources). You also have a number of statistics features to help you better gauge your call resources.

Finally at the top right you have your user name where hovering your name and clicking the little button that appears will produce a pop-up menu that provides you with more detailed statistics of the resources presently consumed by your call indicating possible connection problems/packet loss..







The blue top button when clicked produces a pop up menu where you can obtain the link for your present meeting for sharing purposes. If you have a contact list available you can also use the “Invite your contacts” to pull addresses from your email contact list. Simply click the copy (two white colored rectangular overlapping page icon) and then paste the copied link into your email and share with family, friends colleagues etc.



Make the best of the tools available for you to have a wonderful video call.